Survival prepping can get very overwhelming to a new comer.

Not to worry - we've all gone through it.

Once you realize that no one - and I mean no one - can be 100 percent prepared for every single disaster or catastrophic even that may come their way your anxiety level should come way down.

First focus on your needs and then start to prioritize. 

Forget about what you haven't done, don't have, can't get, will never have, as these will fall into place soon enough.

But how do you start? 

Yes it is a lot to learn and do.

So, my suggestion … a list.

Take out a piece of paper and a writing utensil of choice and, just as you would make a list to take with you to the grocery store, or before going on a trip, or for the errands you need to run, the same holds true for survival preparation – you need a list.

Begin with the most basic needs and work out from there.





There, you see, you now have the start of a list. 

Now, think of all the different situations and scenarios that you could encounter and how much of any given item you would need to sustain you, for that event, as you work your way down the list.

By taking the time to make a list it will begin to help you to think more clearly about your environment and your specific needs.

Keep in mind that everyone's needs will be different (remember Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?)
There will be some similarities like water and food, but we all live in different regions of the country and have
different resources.  So focus on what is best for your survival.

Take for instance, someone who lives in an area where there are hurricanes would not require the same survival supplies as someone who lives in blizzard country.

Think specifically about warmth, water, sleep and food as it pertains to you.

After a while you will begin to see the necessity of certain items that at first may seem a little foreign to you - such as a fire starting kit.

As you learn more and more about self-reliance and what can happen in any number of disaster situations your list will actually grow into lists.

Yes, I said lists.

You will find as you continue to educate yourself in survival prep that your list will start to branch off into more specific areas (this is a good thing.)

You may have a tent on your initial list but then move it to a list for 'shelter' so you can add other necessities that would go with a tent, such as tarps or a sleeping bag or rope.

Now, once you have you basic needs written down, you may want to turn your attention to basic survival ‘skills’, and make a list for such things as making fire, building a shelter, finding food and water and, how to administer first-aid.

By learning what items you need or what instruction is necessary for your survival you can build a strong foundation for your skills as well as for your survival supplies.


There you have it - the secret to preparing for any disaster.

A list.

Now, get to writing!

- Survivor Jane

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