Think about this.

We barely do anything physical anymore.

I mean, with all the technology we have we don't have to, right?!

Most times all we need to do is click a button or hit a switch to make something happen.

Sadly, as a result, we have become a product of our environment.

We have fallen victim to our consumer product world.

Here is just a few of the items we use every day and don't give it a second though to; wireless internet, the world wide web, cell phones, PDAs, personal computers, e-mail, GPS, HDTV, voice mail, and of course our microwaves.

Needless to say the list goes on and on.

So, is it even possible to live without all the technologies we've become accustom to every day?

I’m thinking, with the ever increasing cycle of natural disasters, the talk of climate change, the threat of a nuclear strike (or EMP) and the numerous other threats or disasters - we just might have to give them up.

How the heck would we function without technology though??

Not every well I'm afraid.

I'll be the first to admit the invention of the heated hair straightener is amazing! 

My hair looks terrific every day.

Can I live without it?

Of course! 

Do I want to? 

Heck no!

And herein lays the problem.

We have become so dependent on technology and modern conveniences.
Why would anyone want to give these things up?

Well for us preppers - in the bigger scheme of things - should the 'Poo Hit the Fan' – these technologies will probably be non-existent.

Let’s do a little experiment. 

Make a list of all the technologies you use in your home in a day.

Now, look over your list. 

Could you live without these things for a day?

A few days?

A week?

Grant it, there are lots of people who have 'vacationed' in tribal or wilderness situations - but I’m sure they will all agree towards the end they are eager to be back 'home'.


Well because the gravity of technology keeps us where we are.

Somehow, we need to let go of these things for the sake of our survival.

We need to start doing more for ourselves and not relying totally on “technology” to get us through the day.

In other words, we need to start doing more physically (manually).

Should we be thrown back to a way life 100 years ago - well frankly, some of us are just not going to be able to adapt.

My first step was moving away from the city and learning to live without a lot of these creature comforts.

Now I walk more, carry more, cook more, and lift more.

You need to decide what your first step is going to be.

Maybe just getting up and manually turning the TV on and off?  It’s a start?

Oh, and yes, sadly I still have my hair straightener. 

But I’m working on that too!

Hats are becoming my new best friend.

- Survivor Jane

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