Many said the world as we know it would change some how in 2012.

Some said for the good - while still others said to be prepared for something ugly and chaotic. You know like the sky is falling, floods, fires, comets, and the like, chaotic.

I didn't have a clue what was going to happen, if anything, but I errorred on the side of caution as a precaution – which is to say, I chose to prepare for my future - whatever and whenever that may be.

It’s the reason I focus on prepping - as insurance for a future life.

Why not?  Right? 

We have automobile insurance in case of an accident.

We have home insurance in case of a fire or an act of God.

And then there are the other bagillion types of insurance for whatever suits your fancy.

So why not have insurance for your future as well?

But there is a caveat.  It takes something other than money.

The difference between the other types of insurance and 'future insurance' is one thing.  Future insurance is gained not purchased.

Purchasing would be too easy.  We live in a consumer world – if it makes life easy we’ll buy it.

I can hear it now … ‘give me the best future insurance you’ve got, oh, with lowest premiums and highest payouts’.  

That’s our world … fast and furious. 

Heck we’d all like that wouldn’t we? 

But as with anything that matters, it takes work.  And that includes insurance for the future.

Future insurance is gained with skills. Skills, such as gardening, making shelter and food gathering, etc. 

Skills needed to survive a disaster or catastrophe event that may soon come our way.

Just as with any insurance, the outcome unfortunately is not a given. Sometimes it pays, some times it doesn't.  

Even with your skills you may not survive.

I am not a fortune teller.  And probably you aren't either. 

None of us really knows what the future will hold.

But isn't that the whole idea behind prepping? Preparing for the unknown?

My suggestion to you is this: focus on skills rather than 'survival things' (which can be broken, lost or taken).

Skills, like knowledge, are in your head and cannot be taken from you.

The more skills you have, the more you will be able to use for your benefit and possibly the benefit of others as well, in any number of circumstances.

Read as much as you can. 

Take as many courses and lectures as you can. 

Learn from others as much as you can. 

Practice as much as you can.

Skills are learned and with learning come practice.  That is our insurance.

Just as they say, you can never have enough insurance; the truth of the matter is can never have enough survival skills.

Like I’ve always said ... disasters and catastrophic events know no time. 

So while you are preparing for 2012 … you might want to think about preparing for tomorrow as well.

Tomorrow is the future too.

- Survivor Jane

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