Contrary to what you and many others may think, those living within their means, may just very well, be better off than those who have the means to buy those specialized survival things such as solar panels, vintage coins and rural retreats.

What I mean by this is, those of us who make our soaps to soups know what it takes to use what we have (and don't have) in order to survive.

What is survival after all? 

To remain alive or in existence…

To carry on despite hardships or trauma…

To remain functional or usable…

We do this every day.

Just like the saying goes … 'when dealt lemons make lemon aid'. 

Did you hear that? 

‘MAKE’ lemon aid – it doesn’t say if you have a hankering for lemon aid go out and buy some.  This is a survival skill.  Making, doing.

There are far more of us (living on a tight budget), due to the economy who have had to cut way back and be creative with our resources.

Think of the person who has the storage room full of food, security set in place and elaborate items in their BOB.  

These are the same people who can afford to sit in front of their big screen HDTVs and wait for the next disaster to happen.  Resting comforterably knowing they have everything set in place.

But … can they really say they are any more prepared for a disaster than we who may not be so fortunate to have all those supplies? 

After all, we are the ones who deal with small disasters every day - like washing our clothes by hand because the washer died, or doing our dishes by hand because the dish washer is broken. 

Is doing any of this really so bad?

I think it’s an advantage myself.

In everything I’ve read about survival I can’t recall there ever being a dish washer or washing machine in the picture.  But I do find lots of information on how to hand wash clothes or clean your dishes in a survival situation.

If the truth be known, because of what we are doing today, some things in a survival situation will come natural to us simply because we do it every day.  

This thought occurred to me when I was packing to move.

Every time I needed something - it was packed.  So, I had to improvise.  

And you know what?

I did it.

Survival is about improvising.  Making it happen. 

Sure it’s easy to buy something if you need it.  But have you ever tried making it instead? 

Just about everything you need in life can be made in some way, shape or form.

Use your creativity not your money and begin learning to really survive.

Bake a cake from scratch.

Make a loaf of bread.

Make a candle.

Yes, even make your own soaps and soups.

Survive to live and live to survive.

Don’t be like the person who has a room full of flour but hasn’t a clue how to make a loaf of bread.

- Survivor Jane

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