I know - you hear the word garlic mentioned and you immediately take your index finger and thumb and pinch to your nose and eek out the sound …'peee-ewww'.
Or - cross your two index fingers in the sign of the cross (I guess to ward off evil vampires or something).
But the truth of the matter is, that is before you get too caught up in the negative of garlic (i.e., the smell, your breath etc.), there are actually good things about this ... ummm ... often labeled 'offending' herb.
First off, contrary to popular believe garlic is very good for our health (therapeutically and nutritionally). And, not just for one reason, but for numerous reasons.

It has been referred to as the ‘wonder drug’.
For your information, garlic was used as far back as Egyptian time (1,500 BC) and for some us historically challenged ...that is a very long, long, long time ago (history lesson over).
Now I'll admit, I used to just use garlic in spaghetti sauce along with my chopped onions and mushrooms, and for that dinner I just knew I would have the proverbial “garlic -breath”.  But since learning of all its benefits it has become, well almost like a multi vitamin (I said 'almost' girls).
And get this, depending on how you use or prepare garlic makes the difference in its benefits.
Like for instances, if you cut or crush garlic, an enzyme combines with an amino acid, which in turn creates a new compound that has been shown to kill 23 types of bacteria (see where I'm going for survival?)
If garlic is heated, it can prevent arteries from clogging, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels and, may be helpful in preventing heart attacks and strokes.
But wait there’s more! 

Also, garlic can build up your immune system and has been shown to be an anti-carcinogenic.
Another great thing is it also works against colds and cold sores (this last one alone should send you running to the nearest produce store) because of its antioxidants that help to protect the body against those nasty “free radicals”.

This is all because of garlic’s sulphur content.
Now for me, in a survival situation this is priceless.  A fresh garlic clove can easily cure a yeast infection.

Yepper … I said a yeast infection.  And, if any of you have ever had one listen up.
When you first experience that “itchiness” insert a clove of fresh garlic (peel the white paper stuff off of it first) and insert it up into the vagina (I know you’re probably horrified at what I’m saying!)  It’s best to do this at nighttime before you go to bed.  In the morning just remove the garlic and flush it down the toilet.

If the infection persists, just continue the nightly regime for a few nights until it is all gone. 
Ladies, keep in mind, we are taking about a situation where we won’t have access to medicines and medical care and it will be up to us to take care of ourselves.
And, since this little gem has been studied by the FDA, I'd suggest you buy yourself a clump (bushel or whatever the heck they call a bunch of garlic) and start being creative with it.
This one herb alone may be the key to surviving healthy.
- Survivor Jane



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