My parents were both killed in a horrific automobile accident after being broadsided by the driver of a vehicle who ran a stop sign. Both of my parents died instantly.
It was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining and I'm almost certain the birds were singing.
Funny, in an odd way, I was usually in the driver seat, allowing my dad the rare opportunity to enjoy the beautiful countryside that my mom as a passenger had always enjoyed, but this day I didn't drive.
As with everyone in my life I expected to have many, many years with them.
I had not planned mentally for my parents’ sudden end.  As I said I figured we had lots of time together.
During this time I began to wonder, who plans for a sudden end to anything? I mean, most of us seem to go about our day without a care in the world.  Even when we are forewarned, we still seem to procrastinate.
Out of curiosity, I looked up this mental complacency we have and found it has a name.  It’s called 'normalcy bias'.  It is a mental state that causes us to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster occurring and its possible effects.  We just go about life, as I did in the case of my parents, with the assumption that since they were never involved in an automobile accident that they never would, but if it did, they would be okay.  Not both of them die.
We really need to snap outta this kind of thinking sister!  WE need to step out of our “it can only happen to other people” or “it couldn’t happen here” mentality.  Disasters of all types happen every day and not just to someone else or some third world country.  Here where we live.  Our neighborhood, City, State, and Country. 
We need to start planning for our future and get out of this thing called normalcy bias.
The world as you and I know it will come to an end one day. I really don't know how or when. But it will happen.   Maybe the Dollar will collapse (you can only print so much money before it catches up with you, ya know), a natural disaster of Katrina proportions or bigger will happen, or a man-made disaster such as something collapsing or exploding, and yes the possibility of another terrorist attack?
Something is going to give. And when it does it will be sudden.  And as a result there will be a sudden end to the world that you currently know.
The only thing we can do is anticipate and prepare for it.
Are you prepared for the suddenness of the end?

I wasn't when my parents died.

Think about how you fit into this normalcy bias mental state of mind.

Do you check your windows and doors before you leave the house to prevent a break-in?  Do you automatically lock your car doors when driving to avoid a possible car jacking?  Are you prepared to defend yourself should you be attacked by having some type of self defense weapon with you at all times?  Do you have enough food and water to sustain you in a power outage of any significant length of time?  Do you have plans should our country be attacked with, say, a nuclear weapon?
These are all very real threats, threats to our future.

Each and every one of these and so many more are real possibilities.

Think bridge/overpass collapse as you are driving to work, mechanical failures as you are stuck in a high rise elevator, and think cyber attacks to our banking institutions when panic runs wild because no one can get their money.
Ladies we need to get out of the normalcy bias thinking and get into an abnormalcy bias thinking.
Abby Normalcy – our new friend. Keep her near and dear.
- Survivor Jane










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