Getting in to a prepper’s mind-set is more about change then anything else.  Why?  Well, because it takes determination as to whether you want to survive a disaster or not and, determination is a mind-set.  New mind-sets take practice.

I’m sure you have heard that it takes 21 days to change a habit or to learn a new habit - or 28 or 66 - depending on whose article you read or who is doing the latest “research’.

Think about it.  We make a New Years resolution.  How that’s coming by the way?   How many days has it been since your resolution was made?  More than 21 hmmmm ?   Thought so.

Habits are hard to change period it doesn’t matter if we are talking 21, 28, 66 or a year or infinity.  Just like anything in its infancy, habits need to be encouraged and nurtured to have any chance of survival, and in turn to give US a chance for survival.

The whole ‘21 day habit changing idea’ came from a book published in 1960 by Dr Maxwell Maltz; a plastic surgeon no less.  He noticed that amputees took, on average, 21 days to adjust to the loss of a limb.  So his argument is that people take 21 days to adjust to any major life changes.  

Hmmmm, okay.   So, does that mean, only those who have lost a limb or are willing to chop one off can change in 21 days?

Let’s see.  Maybe … uh -no.

Ann Graybiel of MIT’s McGovern Institute says that it takes more days.  She has shown that neurons in our pretty little heads change their firing patterns when habits are learned. 

And, to confuse matters worse, they change again when unlearned (you know, when we slip back into our lackadaisical (long for ‘lazy’) ways.  Guess what?  It gets better.  If you take up the new habit again?  Yep, those cute little neurons fired back up. 

So what does all this really have to do with survival prep?  Well good question. 

The point I was going for here, is that we need to condition ourselves and brains every day until it become routine.  We need to form new habits that will help us survive whatever comes our way in the future.

Think about it.  We wouldn’t dare walk out of the house without some sort of lip stick/gloss on our lips and at least a little liner on our eyes.  Why, outta habit and we feel naked without a little something on our faces, right?

Same with brushing our teeth.  Having our nails done.  Any of that fun stuff (okay vain stuff) we do.  It makes us feel good. 

In survival prep, something is going to have to motivate us into new habits.  Say,… wanting to live longer?  It’s a start.

It feels wonderful to look great but ladies, that’s not really going to come in handy when the “Poo hits the fan” now is it?

We need to begin getting ourselves into survival mode by listening more attentively, read (ugh I know) more about world events, and have a burning desire to be educated in what is happening around us.

Get into new habits - no matter how long it takes – it just may allow you to live longer (and still look great!).

- Survivor Jane










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