Unlike hunters, i.e. those who hang out in the woods and wear all that woodland camo gear or military troops who deck-out in digital camo to avoid detection, I like being seen. But unfortunately, there ‘will’ come a day and time when this may not be such a good thing (I know I can’t believe it either!)

What I mean is, should there ever come a time in your life or in the near future when you have to “go undercover”, “keep out of site”, or even “hide” you will need the right clothing for it.

The good news is you don’t have to dress yourselves in military fatigues to blend in.  You know those uniforms you see all the military wearing; including women? 

I did a little research and there are tons of sites for girlie-girls, like you and me, who sell clothing that well – look really nice and girlish.

And get this; there are even camo undies you can buy!  Wooo hoooo!!!!  I mean we do like our unmentionables to match what we are wearing, don’t we???

The whole idea with camo or camouflage, to use the term correctly, is to blend in. 

Now, I don’t know about you but wearing a pair of pants made for a man, and a jacket that would fit you and someone else at the same time (hmmm, on second thought, depending on the circumstance that could be fun, but I digress), these are not my idea of comfort.

Imagine having to trek a long distance and at the same time make sure you are hidden out of site or at least blend-in from the ‘others’ (the bad guys who want to take what you have).  Wouldn’t it be a good idea if you had clothes to wear and with you, that you were used to wearing and moving in and, that would also conceal you should the need arise?

I myself would want to be wearing jeans, pants, shorts or capris that fit, along with a matching t-shirt, camisole or shirt?  You too?  Thought so.

Now I’m gonna push the envelope a little here.  For those of you skilled enough to maneuver in those dangling earrings (for which I have not yet learned the art of) – there is even camo jewelry!   Bracelets, rings, necklaces and yes the coveted earrings.   NOTE: You may be like me and end up getting hooked on something and hurt yourself so wearing jewelry is not really high on my prepper lists or even an option.  Think this one through a little.

On my quest, I also found camo dresses; sleep ware and, short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops, long sleeve henley’s, halter tops and, pants, and PJs all made for comfort and concealment.

And yes!!!!  Even hand bags and purses and shoes!  Okay I’m getting a little carried away here. 

Ladies, survival is a very serious matter and should not be taken lightly.  What I’m trying to get across to you is you don’t have to look like a man to be prepared.  If the truth be known, you would probably be more concealed wearing something more tailored to you – a woman,  then wearing some throw back from the military.

Start looking at what’s out there. Think “would I be comfortable wearing something like this if I had to walk a long distance or climb or run?”

Ladies, start your SHOPPING!!!! (said in my best megaphone voice)

Oh and although it may be tempting, you may want to stay away from the pink, purple and blue camos and stick to the true camo pattern (olive green, black, brown and tan), because you would be defeating your purpose or concealment, unless that is, you are hiding in a field of flowers.  

Just sayin’.

- Survivor Jane





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