We scrimp, scrap, save and yes stockpile items we think we may need for a future disaster or yes heaven forbid even a catastrophic event where life as we knew it is no more.
Proudly gazing at our wares we are pleased that; in our minds at least, we will survival any given number of disaster
But have you even put any thought into how to protect these goods?
Well think about it. Our world is made up of the 'Haves' and Have-Nots' right?  You know the people who have
painstakingly put their needs before their wants to assure some semblance of survival should a disaster or catastrophic event happen? The ones who take seriously the fact that our government might not be there for us in the event of a disaster. Or, who know their past history and that we just may be headed for some earth shattering climate change or yep even an EMP from a solar flare cast off the Sun, or on the ugly side of things, a terrorist attack? 

And then, those who say they will deal with it as it comes? Those my sweet friend are the ‘Haves’ and ‘Have-Nots’.

Heck this premise goes way back to infancy.
Example? Well put two toddlers in the same play pen or room full of toys and invariably one will want the toy the
other is playing with right?  Why is that?  Well simply each toddler believes everything to be theirs.  So what happens? Well usually a battle-of-the-will ensue beginning with the first ‘mine’ echoed by the countered ‘no-mine’.
Then flash forward to the school yard play ground where in my opinion bullies actually hone their skills that 
continue on well past school days and into the night clubs scene and yes even into marriage, and so on and so forth.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I am NOT saying that all ‘Have-Nots’ will be past bullies.  Nope far from it. 
The ‘Have-Nots’ will be bad people, desperate people, hungry people, and yes even good people – all with a desire to
survive and will do what ever is needed to do so.
'Did you say 'good' people?' you ask.
Yep, no one - wrap that around your pretty little head - no one is exempt from the attack of another when survival is
at stake.
In a catastrophic event you will find there will be those who take because they don't have (the Golden
Horde/Zombies), those who take for power (the Government), and those who take because they can (the Outlaws/Bad Boys/Rebels).
So what the heck can we even do about it?  What’s the use if someone is going to come in and take everything anyway? 

Well, just as in preparing with food and shelter items there are safeguard you may want to implement and incorporate into your survival strategies.
First and foremost - don't announce to the public everything you have accumulated. And, by the public I’m referring
to anyone outside the family.
What I mean by this is, don't tell Mary at the baby shower, which is overheard by Debbie who invariably tells her
husband Mike when she gets home, who then while hanging with the boys one day gets on the subject of zombies and tells them what his wife told him about the girl up the street who has stockpiles of food, and on and on.
In your mind, you only told one person. Or so you thought.
Who do you think is going to be at the forefront when all the stores have been ransacked and cleaned out of food and
It will go something like this:
Man comes home from forging and tells wife that all the stores are cleared out with no food left. Wife says,
“Remember the friend at a baby shower I told you about?  She has lots of food. I know she'll give us some.  Let’s go over there.’
Wife in panic. “There's no food left. What are we gonna do?’ Husband, “Mike told me about a lady that lives around
here that has stockpiles of food. I'm going to go over there and us get some.”
Public Announcement from Local Government: Anyone with food and drinking water will be required to turn it all over
to the authorities to be distributed equally to everyone. Law Enforcement will be going door-to-door to collect.
'Wait 'they' can't do that!' you say in protest.
You really need to open your eyes sister.  Anyone of these scenarios or all of them can and probably will happen in a
catastrophic event.
So, the moral of the story?   Keep what you have to yourself.
Next you may want to consider cashes. No, not cash. Cashes - Hidy-holes. There are a lot of creative ways to hide,
disguise, or conceals things. Do your research.
And lastly, you need to have a way to protect your goods.  How you do this is entirely up to you and your unique
situation but needs to be an interracial part of your survival strategy.
Ladies, even good people will do what it takes when their life or the lives of their family is at stake.
So, before hand you need to do what it takes to make sure this doesn't happen.
Just sayin

- Survivor Jane










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