Either you’re a fan or not. 


Well just because you wear some team’s jersey, colors or ball cap with its name printed across the front does not make you a fan.  It makes you wearing a team’s jersey, colors or ball cap.  Period.

It’s a way of acceptance when you’re with the REAL fans, say … at a Super Bowl Party?  Or ‘wear-your-favorite-team-shirt’ Friday at work?  Think about it, you couldn’t possibly show up at work and not be wearing a team shirt right?  So, you borrow a team shirt from a friend or pull out an old stand-by that you’ve put away in the back of the closet for just such an occasion (That’s me by the way – I’m not a sports fan (gasp!) - To me sports equal a huge social event where I get to eat and party with hundreds of people. Just sayin)

This ‘fan’ analogy kinda goes hand-in-hand with prepping too. 

Either you are a prepper or your not. 

Either you believe that things in our life like the economy, our nation and world are getting worse or you don’t. 

Either you believe that it’s important to prepare for any number of natural or man-made disasters or you don’t.

No grey area here.  It’s black or white. One side of the fence or the other.  No middle ground.

You can’t be kinda prepared.  One gallon of water, a can of tuna and flashlight does not a disaster/emergency prepper make.  That’s like wearing the ball cap and not being a fan. Sorry. 

Unlike sports however, where a fan has a strong interest in a particular player or for the sport itself, prepping is a life style.  Don’t get me wrong I know of some sports fans that eat, drink and live their sports. 

Here’s where the rubber meets the road (what’s that mean anyhow?). Okay how ‘bout this?  Here’s where the fan and prepper part ways. Both the fan and prepper collect information right?  For the fan, its the stats on a player or team. For the prepper it’s survival skills.  The difference?  Well, the fan collects the data for here and now (in sports you’re only as good as your last report right –ouch that's gonna leave a mark).  The prepper?  They collect information to be used in the future. 

Disasters have been in the headlines a lot lately.  For some of us it serves as a little reminder that we need to be vigilant in our prepping.

But for others?  Maybe something will have to spur them to begin prepping? 

Let’s say, the town next to them is hit by some force of nature after dodging the bullet for so many years?  They drive over to see if they can help only to witness a horrific sight of destruction every where.  People wandering in a daze - some injured and bleeding.  Debris is at every step taken. No power.  Smoke filling the air. 

In the aftermath of a disaster everyone has the same objective.  Food, water and shelter.  Everyone that is unless you have prepared for such a disaster.  If not, that can of tuna and gallon of water is not going to get you far is it?

Maybe they witnessed a disaster from a far - on TV or the radio or perhaps a friend or family member was involved. It’s a helpless feeling ‘watching’ people suffer.  We send in our contributions, gather supplies and take to the local civic group who will take them to the disaster site to ease our conscious that we have done all that we can and then go about our day.

Or just maybe you as a friend share the importance of being prepared for whatever may come their way?
A seed needs to be planted some where down the line to bring “being prepared’ to the forefront.

Survival preparedness is not a club, a fad, a gimmick, or a phase.  It’s the difference between surviving and not surviving.  Yep, life or death.

We have to believe it ourselves for it to make an impact on our lives and the lives of others.

Just sayin.

- Survivor Jane


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