Ya know, even some of the more uh … seasoned preppers can't seem to give a straight answer as to what the heck the term EDC means. With all the acronyms out there to learn, like BOB, BOV and GOOD there's yet another to know - EDC. (Oh and for those newbie preppers, BOB stands for Bug Out Bag, BOV – Bug Out Vehicle and GOOD – Get Out Of Dodge.)  EDC stands for "Every Day Carry", and essentially, EDC is anything that you carry e-v-e-r-y d-a-y on your person. Everything that you need with you in a day. 

For guys it could be a comb, wallet, pocket knife, laptop, and PDA/cell phone.  For a mommy, it may be anything and everything pertaining to her baby’s needs while away from home. A business person could have a laptop, extra batteries, important documents, their cell phone, maybe an energy bar or two, water, you know all items business.  And for the ladies – wow now that's a toughy.  I mean, just think of the game show "Let's Make a Deal", right?!  We carry so much stuff in our bags and that’s whether we need it or not.  "Anyone have a can opener?"  See where I'm going?

So what does EDC or EDC bags and survival prep have to do with one another?  And why add yet another thing to the already mounding list of survival needs?  Well the short answer is this.  An EDC bag is a "survival bag" of sorts.  It’s a bag that you have on your person at all times and incorporates both your daily needed items with some critical survival items as well.

So for example, mommies may have a diaper bag that serves as her EDC bag and include such things as a a wallet, cell phone, multi-tool, band aids and antiseptic cream, cash, granola/energy bars, a bottle of water,  a pencil/note pad, a whistle, small manicure kit and a lighter.  Not necessarily things you would expect in a diaper bag but say mommy broke down on the side of the road and had to remove, or pry something open.  Or say she needed to loosen a screw or bolt that could at least enable her to limp her car to a safe destination instead of just sitting stranded in no-where land.

For the ladies - I've often wondered what the heck we carry in those huge suit cases of a hand bag.  What do I carry with me?  Well, a multi-tool and small adjustable wrench, a small LED flashlight, a small MedKit, N95 masks, a small SW/AM/FM radio, cash, a small makeup bag, hair ties and a scarf, fold up brush, small manicure set, granola/energy bars, a pencil/note pad, an aluminum tactical pen (which works great for protection – just sayin), a whistle with a compass, my cell phone and spare battery, a disposable lighter, keys to my house and vehicle, money, dental floss, needles and thread, ear plugs, eye drops, sunglasses, a paracord bracelet, a magnesium fire starter and, pepper spray.  And that’s just in the first section (just kidding).

I know what you're thinking.  That bag has to be huge!!  But the truth is, all of that stuff is in a fanny pack - plus more.  Yep, the items I listed are not huge or full scale.  We’re talkin' compact here. Having access to tools, first-aid, protection for eyes, nose, mouth and head, and emergency nourishment with us at all times are the essentials.

I can’t stress this enough.  We NEVER know when a disaster of any kind can strike.  By having a few critical items with us at all time can make the difference between survival and … well not surviving (the ugly word here is death.)

Once you realize how little room all these items actually take up and the huge benefits for having such items with you, I would hope you would sit down (well you really don’t have to sit down, you can stand up, hop on one foot, whatever) just make a list of your own items and start the process of acquiring them.   Also, there are some really great bags out there for everyone and anyone, add one to your list as well.

But why have all this stuff with you when you already have an emergency bag sitting in your vehicle? Simply put - you may not be able to get to your car in an emergency. Or - it could happen - your vehicle is destroyed or damaged and along with it all your emergency supplies.

So there you have it Survival Terminology 101. The word for the day is EDC and what does it stand for?  Class?  Class?  Anyone? Just sayin'.

- Survivor Jane


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