Everyone wants the American dream ... to be rich.

Am I right? money lots

I mean who doesn't want to be rich? Why else would there be all those books, tapes, seminars and infomercials out there on the topic?

So I got to thinking, what exactly does being rich mean? I mean, is it money? Is it stuff?  Like a mansion, a private jet, a garage full of rare exotic cars, designer jewelry and clothes? (eh…excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin), or is it wealth in the form of dollars?

I, like so many others, have pursed that pie-in-the-sky dream. And what do I have to show for it? A closet full of shoes - good shoes mind you, but a lotta good that's gonna do me in an end-of-the-world scenario! Just sayin.

So how can we become a rich prepper?

Well, if we look back in history (moan - goan, I know but hear me out), before money - (yes there was a time when money didn't grow on trees), items such as livestock, grains, herbs/spices, food, land and weapons were all used as a means to 'buy' from one another in the form of trading and/or bartering.

Like, 'Hey I'll trade you a chicken for some of your flour' sort of thing. chicken

bag of flourBut everything had a value.

Then along came precious metals. Remember? 'There's gold up in them there hills'.

Well the precious metals were soon melted down and made into coins (I guess it eliminated the need for a wagon to pull all your precious metals around in) and soon became our currency.

Again these coins had a real value (the precious metals they were made from).

Next, someone came up with the brainy idea to collect precious metals i.e., gold and silver, make a big ol' fort, and store all that gold and silver in it.

THEN another hair-brain decision was made; probably at one of the monthly Tuesday night poker games, by the boys at the U.S. Department of Treasury in 1862. Ya see, there was this shortage of coins as a result of people hording them (remember the coins were made of gold and silver and had real value), and there was also a need to finance the Civil War. So, a decision was made to make paper currency.

And Ta Da!  We had money.  Of course it’s debatable as to what, if any, value our money has or will have in the future.

So, if our money won't (or doesn’t) have any real value how can we become a rich prepper?

Simple.  Go full circle. Huh?

Full circle.  You know, get rid of all your useless pieces of ‘stuff’ you have accumulated throughout the years and are now storing in the abyss of your choice collecting dust or have turned into condos for spiders?

And by get rid of … I mean sell it.

Then, as you sell things, buy items that will help you not be so reliant on money (that's the whole point in this exercise mind you – get out of the habit of using money)

For instant if you sell that painting that has been wrapped-up and sitting in the garage since your last move, it would give you the money to buy seeds to grow a garden thereby cutting down on the need to spend money for veggies or herbs/spices.  Or, sell your water skies you haven't used in years and use that money to buy self-protection and things that go along with self-protection (okay weapons and ammunition).  yardsale

Just go down your list of survival item 'wants' (you have made your list haven't you?), and as you sell something purchase a 'want' off your list and then remove it from your list.

By doing this, you will become that much closer to you goals of being self-sufficient and therefore not so reliant on paper currency.

And, if you do it right, in time, you will have gone full circle with history and once again be using items like grains, herbs/spices, food, and self-protection (okay weapons) as a means to buy from one another by trading and bartering.

Which in turn makes you RICH because as we know - money will be worthless and those who have relied on it will be poo outta luck!

Just sayin.

- Survivor Jane


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