On August 24, 2010 at 12:00 pm I was given a second chance in life.  I say this because on this date and time there was a horrific automobile accident in which I “should” have been involved in. For the preceding nine months I had driven my parents to and from town; for shopping, errands and doctor’s appointments. Anywhere they needed to go, I would drive them. On this day, I had a morning meeting scheduled so I couldn’t drive my father to his doctor appointment. An agreement was made that my father and mother would pick me up at the location of my morning appointment and we would go to the afternoon doctor’s appointment together. They never made it. As fate would have it - I was not driving this day.

pyle wreckSometimes I try to imagine the accident.  How one vehicle going east at 55 mph and another vehicle going north at 40 mph could intersect in a split second. That’s all it took. A split second – and two lives were taken; my mother and my father.  I wonder did they see the other car coming?  What were they talking about?   If I were driving that day, I ‘know’ what would have been said. My father, as he had done every time we came to that particular intersection would say “watch out up ahead that’s a bad intersection.” Bad. Hmmm.

I was given a second chance at life. And I will never forget that. I know I could never fill my father or my mother’s shoes, but what I can do is try to be as close to who they were as I can. They were kind, giving and loving – never meeting a stranger.  Sounds simple enough. But it’s not just the emotions – they backed them up with actions.  As Survivor Jane I hope to do just that – use this borrowed time to touch as many people as I can by sharing what I have learned to help others.

Have you been given a second chance? What are you doing with it?

Just sayin 

Survivor Jane


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