Okay, it’s a given. The word alone brings connotations of a lone figure, isolation or separation from others. And frankly it’s a scary thought for most of us. I mean, admit it, who really wants to be alone, right? As women, most of us have been programmed since childhood that we had to be dependent on someone else. However, in a survival situation – it may very well be just that. Saving yourself.

I can promise, if you are in the midst of a disaster, you are not going to be thinking, ‘Geeze, I wish I had a buddy to swim this alligator infested canal with’, or perhaps ‘oh wow, I wish Marsha were here to share my last Ritz cracker with’. Instead survival instincts will have kicked in and your primary focus will be on you and fending for yourself.

We all live in different circumstances. And, unfortunately for some, that means being around family and/or spouses who are, shall we say, not quite as enthused about this whole ‘preparedness’ thing? Right? In essence this means like the rest of us you are preparing alone. It doesn’t mean, isolation from family and friends, it means to continue preparing as you always have. Just don’t talk about it. Kinda like when you sneak out and buy a new dress or pair of shoes? Mums the word.

On the flip side of the coin. You may have someone in your life who is every bit as gung-ho about preparedness as you are. The two of you have spent hours, days, possibly years together discussing and planning everything. The plan: surviving life together. Then one day, you may receive a dreadful call - your loved one, your soul mate, your all, has been taken. Gone forever. What next? Is a disaster going to be less likely to occur simply because you have lost your loved one? Sadly the answer is no. Life will continue for you, albeit, with a heavier heart, but it will continue all the same and you must too.

Most of us need to think just a little bit more like “Little Ms. Independent”. We have all known her at one time in our lives. A woman that needs no one to tell her what to do and how to do it. The girl who started surviving way before most of us. This is the same girl that bit her classmates so she could get to all of the good toys in nursery school. The same girl who “accidentally-on purpose” knocked the nerdy girl down to get to the front of the line to stand next to the football quarterback. And yes, the same girl with the million dollar smile who charmingly asked for your vote for Prom Queen. See? Her mind was focused on what she wanted and what she needed to do to get her there. And as a result, she will be prepared to survive because she can act on her own in a survival situation where there will be a lot less boundaries, and the difference between those who live and who don’t, will be based your own willingness to do what it takes- when the time comes.

Survival is a mindset. No matter what your situation - who better to prepare for any situation then ourselves? Think back on the word alone again. Now, separate it out.

Al-one. We must prepare for disasters and survival “all for one”. Or in other words we must do all we can for number one. Which by the way is you!

- Survivor Jane








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