Help there’s an elephant on my plate!!!

For some or you ladies, survival preparedness is almost like going on a diet.  You’re on it for a couple of weeks.  Nothing happens so you start tapering off and settling back into your regular routine.  Then something happens to spur you, and once again you are back on it again.  Like a yo-yo.

With survival, unfortunately you don’t have the luxury of on-again-off- again preparedness. You either are, or you are not.  Disasters know no time.  As we all know, diets don’t work.  It’s a life style change in your eating habits.  So is preparedness.

Just like with a diet, you think you are preparing, so you have your bug out bag packed and placed neatly in your closet.   But then you go about your life as before, mistakenly thinking you are prepared.  That is until … you see a news flash on the TV or read something in the newspaper that reminds you that this is an ongoing process.  Then, as you’ve done with the diet scenario, you kick yourself for slacking and panic that you may not be as prepared should a disaster strike.

Ladies, do you KNOW how to eat an elephant???  Well we are going to learn today.

You eat it “one bite at a time.”

There is nothing we can do about the economy, or the gas prices, or for that matter the housing market.  It’s out of our control.  But we can control how we prepare for these things and our futures.

Begin with a self evaluation.  What skills do you possess and what are some that you still need to develop?

Take classes or watch DVDs that show you hands-on-training in practical and tactical skills.  If its entertainment you need, start watching some of the survival shows and focus on the lessons to be learned.

Seek out like-minded people.  If you are doing this in-person, I will caution you to tread lightly at first to avoid being labeled as “one of those survivalist types” – a stereotype that seems to go way back to the 60’s.   Once you find other “preparer(s)” learn what their strengths and weakness are and learn from one another.

How about protection for you and your home?  Throwing a lamp across the room will only go so far.  You need to seriously think about getting yourself a real weapon.  Do your homework – research what women are using.  Go to your local gun range - there you will find instructors who are trained to work strictly with women.  They are NOT like car salesmen who will try to sell you something you don’t need.  These instructors know the importance of safety and the necessity of a woman to be able to use a weapon in a stressful situation.

Also, take some self-defense classes in martial arts or some other form of protection (or again get some DVDs to perform in the privacy of your own home).

You need to plan your work and work your plan.   Are you prepared to stay put in a disaster situation?  Is your home riot proof?  Do you have a retreat to relocate to should you need to “get-out-of-dodge”?   You need to answer these tough questions, and many more.

In order to start your life-style change (or eat that elephant) you need to have a checks and balance sheet.  Then, much as you would do when you make out a grocery list, go systematically up and down each aisle to find what you need one item at a time.  The same holds true with preparing.  You must do it one step at a time.

- Survivor Jane

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