In a study I read once, male stock traders, whose ring fingers were longer than their index fingers made 11 times more money than those with the shortest ring fingers in a 20 month study and, earned up to 5 times more than those with short ring fingers.

So, of course this peaked my interest and I had to dig a little deeper to find out why. 

I found out that the length ratio between the index and ring fingers are determined during the development of the fetus and the relatively longer ring finger indicates greater exposure to the male hormone androgen.  Which it turns out may predict a man’s success in life.   And, it doesn't matter which hand the finger is longer on, only that the ring finger be longer than the index.

Digging even further, I find that such exposure can lead to increased confidence, risk preferences, search persistence, heightened vigilance and, quickened reaction times (which is why these men also drive too fast, overtake on dangerous roads and park illegally). Hmmm, figures.

Mr. Extended Ring Finger also tends to be direct, decisive, ambitious, and very competitive (especially in the sport of soccer and basketball).  He is good with numbers-based subjects such as mathematics and physics with a musical ability and natural knack for creativity. 

‘Hmmm?’  I thought as I’m reading all this. ‘I wonder how a man like this would be as a survivalist or prepper?’ (The things I think about, huh?!!!)

So I started reading different definitions for a survivalist.  They are self-reliant; who are prepared to be completely self-sufficient with skills including wilderness survival, first aid and self defense with both weapons or hand-to-hand combat; they will fight back against oppression that appears insurmountable, and face difficulty, opposition, and especially the threat of natural catastrophe, nuclear war, or societal collapse, never stopping, always testing themselves, always asking questions, always looking for another way to prepare, always ready at a moments notice and, knows the importance of  a positive frame of mind and a healthy body.

My conclusion, given the traits of Mr. E.R.F (Extended Ring Finger) and that of Mr. Survivalist, should you put the traits of both of these men in a jar, shake them up and pour them out, I’d say they could actually be one in the same. 

Now, with this said, I don’t want you ladies grabbing your honey’s hands to look at his fingers and then thinking any less if he doesn't, er measure up ... well at least with regards  to his ring fingers. And, I most assuredly don’t advocate you craning your necks every time a man passes by to try to get a look at his ring fingers either. If your honey treats you well, is a good protector and provider, this is what we should hope for.

Oh, by the way, I hit the jack pot, (not bragging, promise *wink*) my hubby is both an ERF and survivalist.  Score!

Just sayin’.

- Survivor Jane





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