Okay I must admit when I heard the phrase 'guns are like women's shoes - different ones are required for every occasion' it got my attention.

I mean what other accessory (less diamonds of course) do we all covet more than our glorious shoes??? Right?

So, the phrase got me to thinking. What does this actually mean?  Was the author saying we needed to have a gun that goes with each outfit?  Like we do our shoes?  Surely not. I mean the closest thing to a gun matching an outfit I've seen was at a gun show where some of the vendors were hawking pink colored guns (touted as guns for ladies-yeah right cha-ching!).  And, although I do like the color pink - a lot in fact, I promise you, I am not going to wear it everyday just so I can match my gun!!

But then I got to thinking about all the different types of guns out there that I've seen and figured this was probably where he was going.

Think about it.  We don't see police officers with a rifle strapped to their hips.  Nor do we see riot police with pistols. 

Each and very type of gun serves a specific need.  For example, it wouldn't be practical for us to own a rifle as our only means of protection and try to carry it with us (with our concealed weapons permit of course) in the car.  For heavens sake, we'd end up shooting a hole through the headliner trying to maneuver the darn thing should we find ourselves threatened.  Likewise, a BB gun will do us no good in a home burglary situation.

Every gun has a purpose as does every shoe.  In a survival situation we need to be prepared and armed. 

In as disaster situation, in the beginning, the bad guys are going to be armed with hand guns.  Why because they are most accessible and easy to hide.  How do you think they are gonna feel when they burst into your home looking to loot it and come face to face with the barrel of your high powered rifle? (And you are not afraid to use it.)

Just as in fashion ladies - we need to be a few steps ahead of our competition!  Do your homework.  Find out what is out there in the way of guns and which would be appropriate for you and your family’s every survival needs.

Just like walking in 4" heels - guns take some training to get use to.

- Survivor Jane

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