Okay, for some of you, you may want to buckle your seat belt on this one.

Mental preparedness in survival is just that, preparing your mind to survive. 

Take a moment and reflect on this question. 'Where are you mentally regarding your knowledge and skills needed in any kind of disaster?' 

You have read how to do what is necessary in all types of disaster situations, but have you actually played them out in your mind? You know, mentally rehearse them by putting yourself in those situations?

Ladies I have never been shot at or been grabbed and pulled into an ally. But I've played those scenarios out in my mind hundreds of times.

By focusing and thinking about a situation - your mind will begin to accept it as true.  Then, heaven forbid, something bad does occur, the mind not knowing the difference between real and Memorex  kicks into action retrieving the skills needed to help you survive.

Every time you read an article on preparedness, visualize YOU doing what is being discussed or when you watch something – put yourself in that person’s body and focus on what is being done and how.

If you read on preparedness purely for the entertainment value, sister, when disaster rears its ugly head you will be frozen - like the time your dad caught you smooching in the back seat of your boyfriend's car - and it will probably end up just as bad.
Preparedness requires practice. Anyone who is the best of the best has achieved their skills and goals by constantly doing them over and over. And, when they are not physically performing their skills, they are mentally visualizing doing them.

From what I’ve read, research is finding that both physical and psychological reactions in certain situations can be improved with visualization. Repeated imagery can build both experience and confidence to perform certain skills under pressure, or in a variety of possible situations.  And, sister this is us … we are heading for some bumpy times.
If you think you can - you can, period.  In other words if you can see it in your mind, you can do it. 

Creative visualization works hand in hand with positive self-talk and affirmation. So don’t forget to talk yourself through things as well.

If you will recall from your history (okay – I actually looked this up) Albert Einstein told us "Imagination is more important than science."

Read, watch, talk and learn as much as possible on preparedness - visualizing images of everything along the way, conditioning your mind (it’s a muscle too ya know - that's why it hurts when we think too much!)

Mental preparedness is about wanting to make a change.  Then setting out to learn how to make a change and lastly, making the change with deliberate thoughts of change.

Always remember, repetition re-enforces - which means the more you do something the better you will be at it.

You may now unbuckle your seat belts.

- Survivor Jane

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