Just for clarification - a "PHTF" situation can be any number of events that totally brings us (and all those around us) to our knees. 

Just look around.  Listen for a minute to the conversations that are going on.  People are talking - whether you chose to listen or not is another thing.

There are blatant warning signs flashing before our eyes and a lot of us are not taking notice.

I'm not a dooms-dayer or the-sky-is-falling nut.  But I mean come on ladies something is gonna give - and soon.

There are tons of things in our own backyard that can happen that has nothing to do with huge comets crashing into the earth or being nuke from above.
Unemployment? U.S. Currency loosing its value? Pandemics? (have we totally forgotten about H1N1 already??)  Natural disasters such as the recent earthquakes and flooding? 
These are all real and close to home issues.

But as long as you have a job, a paycheck, HDTV and shopping why should you even care? Or prepare. Right?

Wrong! You need to be able to take care of yourself should something happen.

Remember the disaster with FEMA in New Orleans??  FEMA the entity set in place to come to our aid - but wasn't able to move fast enough and lives were lost as a result? 

Now it appears even that even FEMA is understanding the magnitude of disasters a little more and is now encouraging us to prepare to take care of ourselves for a couple of days until they can get to us – if at all (oh by the way - that's one of those eye openers I was speaking of)

So Lil’ Ms Self-entitlement, if the government is telling you straight up that it might not be able to get help to you right away, you're either going to have to have provisions already set in place or you will be sitting and waiting like all the rest in hopes that help is on the way.

Who better to know our personal needs than us?

Key issues to remember – I know you have read and heard them time and time again: Always have cash on hand.  Keep your gas tank full. Have a place of refuge to go for shelter.  And don’t expect anyone to come and save you – you are responsible for you.

So, start planning like there's no today, let alone a tomorrow.

Because as we know - tomorrow never comes.

- Survivor Jane

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