Survival preparation is simply preparing to live in a completely different world then what we know of today.  It's kinda like dress rehearsal - but for an unknown event. You practice, or in our case; gather information, supplies, skills and knowledge for an event that we don't know where, when or how it is going to happen - just that its gonna happen, one day.

Like with many things we've prepared for (or practiced for), at times an 'event' does not actually play out the way we rehearsed it in our minds or physically.

For instances, have you ever done something and afterwards said to yourself, "man, that was harder than it looked."? Or “Geeze that didn’t would out like I planned it.”

In my opinion, I think this is exactly what is going to happen with us should a disaster strike.

Why?  Because an 'event' means so many things to so many people.

EMPs, Nuclear Attacks, Economic Collapse, Terrorist Attacks, Floods, Ice Storms, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Mudslides ... (the list goes on and on)

There are nearly as many 'event' scenarios as there are ... well you get where I'm going.

Many of us have a particular 'event' conjured up in our mind and have prepared with food storage, self-defense skills, and other survival skills for that event.

Take a hurricane or other natural disaster where electricity is out and there is no running water - but your home is safe. 

You drag out the supplies that you have accumulated throughout the years and sit pretty until the electric and water are restored - literally camping indoors.

Now think about an earthquake where your home AND all the supplies that you have painstakingly accumulated are destroyed and you are left with nothing but the clothes on your back.

With both scenarios you HAD supplies - you WERE prepared.

As you can see, in an instant all your supplies and preparations are gone.

What you are left with to survive is nothing more than your knowledge and survival skills.
So my suggestion to you is this, begin rehearsing in your mind how you would survive with nothing.  As you read or see things – see yourself doing these things in your mind. 

Put what you learn to memory and play then out over and over – as an actor puts his lines and movements to memory. 

Now, places everyone!!

- Survivor Jane


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