Okay I’m sure you are thinking what the heck does Bathroom Soap Film Remover have to do with Survival and Prepping?  Well a lot actually. Think about it. There is the expensive of buying those name brand - promising the moon and the stars - cleaners so there is the money spent that could have been used for preps. Next, there is the time spent using the 'New and Improved' to scrub and clean. So, money and time is what Soap Film Remover has to do with Survival and Prepping. Who wants to be doing house work when they can be doing other things - like shopping with that saved money. Right? I mean that's just a given.

So I'll use my not so grimy - but not so shiny - shower temperature handle thingy as an example. 

vinegar 1

The items you will need is white distilled vinegar, dish washing detergent and a little squirt bottle  - all of which I'm sure you have hiding some where in one of your kitchen cabinets.

vinegar 2

Pour about an inch or two of dish washing soap in your squirt bottle.

vinegar 3

Fill the remainder of the squirt bottle up with white distilled vinegar and put the squirter part back on the bottle.

vinegar 4

That's it!  Well almost...

vinegar 5

Now be prepared to be amazed! All you do is spray this liquid housework-helper on your bathroom fixtures, tub and shower walls - wherever that dreadful soap film develops - then take a wet sponge and wipe off! No scrubbing. Your fixtures will shine like a new penny!

vinegar 6

Penny?! That reminds me you have money to spend! Go!!

Just sayin'

- Survivor Jane



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