I once had a boy-friend who brought out the absolute worst in me.

That statement may throw a few people because to meet me you will find that I am a very positive, upbeat and social person.  In other words, I can't stand to be around negativity or negative people.

For whatever reason thought, this guy unleashed the dragon lady in me (I still shutter just thinking about it).  I was like a caged hungry tiger waiting to pounce on someone.

But how could this have happened?  I'm such a non-confrontational person. And, the two of us had so much in common when we first met? 

Or did we?

After overhearing someone bring up the conversation of gathering a group of 'like-minded' people to live together in a survival retreat, my mind instantly went back to that past relationship.

I wondered how could you be sure that everyone could live together - especially under such circumstances?

I mean, just because everyone is 'like-minded' is not a given that everyone would get along with each other under one roof.

We all seem to have this innate talent of putting our best foot forward when meeting someone for the first time or in a social gathering.

Maybe it is to impress? 

Maybe it is selfishly to make ourselves feel good?

Who knows?

One thing is for sure, most of us actually treat strangers better than we treat our own friends and family!

Which brings me to this quandary...?

Isn’t creating a survival group almost like creating a family of sorts?

And if so, then how do we go about choosing people to band with when everyone is putting their best foot forward?

That's a toughy, right?

To me, if we could learn to treat people as if we had just met them all of the time we wouldn't even be asking these questions.

An oldie but goody - Ann Landers (Chicago Sun-Times advice columnist of days gone by) once wrote 'The Ten Commandments of How to Get Along with People'.

I'm just going to hit on the high lights of what she wrote:

Always say less than you think.
Make promises sparingly and keep them faithfully
Never let an opportunity pass to say a kind and encouraging word.
Be interested in others.
Don’t burden or depress those around you by dwelling on your minor aches and pains.
Keep an open mind. - Discuss, but don’t argue. 
Let your virtues speak for themselves.
Be careful of another’s feelings.
Pay no attention to disparaging remarks.
Don’t be too eager to get the credit due you.

Now some of these may sound a little hokey, but keep in mind they were written quite a few years back. 

All-in-all though, people are still people and by using these tid-bits as a guideline it could be a starting point to assist you in making a list for one of the most critical decisions you may have to make in your survival preparation - as to what is acceptable and what is not - when considering banding with other like-minded people.

Also, just a thought.  If the subject of retreat groups does come up you may want ask the person or persons how they responded to emergency situations in the past – this way you can get a feel as to their "disaster personalities" a head of time.

Remember in survival, the life you save may be your own.

Whiners keep out!

- Survival Jane


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