You're slowly and steadily compiling food for storage, all the essentials for your BOB, and trying to read as much information as you can on what to do and what not to do in a disaster situation.

But ... have you put ANY thought into how safe the area where you live is AND would you be safe staying there in a disaster situation?? Albeit natural, man made or economic.

Look around. Up the street. Down the street. Across the street. What do you see?

Bars over the windows? Not a good sign.

Multiple neighbors who have what looks to be their immediate family and the families of others living with them? Not good.

Have you noticed police activity. Or perhaps frequency of calls to your neighborhood? Definitely not good.

Although you may exchange pleasantries with your neighbors by day as you get into your car or walk to the mail box, at night its a different story.

There is not a soul around -that is with the exception of the nightly gathering of a group of teenage boys; bouncing basketball, spouting profanity; cigarettes hanging from the corners of their mouths. Anything to keep from being couped up in the already cramped house...

Look at each house.

The house across the street - are both cars gone during the day like usual or has the husband or wife lost their job and is now home?

How about the house next door? Who is the bread winner for the multiple families that live there?

How about the house on the corner that has the loud parties every Saturday night oblivious to the neighbors around them and the noise made with their music and vehicles? Will you be safe? Will all the preparing you have done be for naught - as your neighbors get wind of your food and supplies?

Now is the time to start making a checks and balance sheet. If you are not around like minded people - you need to seriously consider where you need to be.

- Survivor Jane

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