Let’s just say …go with me here …that you are in a situation where you gotta ‘go’ - but … (no pun intended) there are no toilets, out-houses, trees, bushes, buckets – nothing, to hide, protect or shield your un-sunned hiney while you do your ‘business’.

There’s just something about exposing your back-end to the whole world that just doesn’t seem natural to me. And, well, being a former city girl … I think about these kinds of things – a lot.  I mean, for some it is no big deal to just drop trou when nature calls. I’m just not one of those ‘somes’. I just don’t care to have my hiney out there for God and everyone else to see!  Plus I’d probably be so focused on someone walking up on me while doing the deed that I probably wouldn’t be able to ‘go’ anyhow.

For this reason I am always scouting out alternative “poo-hits-the-fan” potty alternatives, ideas, devices or techniques to help with the transition.

2010_10_27_ja__biffybagOne day while perusing Twitter I happened upon the Biffy Bag. It’s a disposable toilet system. Well I guess you could say all toilet systems could be called disposable. What I mean is it’s a compact toilet system. Compact - as in the size of a sandwich bag – 5” x 5”.  Heck you could put them in your bug-out-bags, EDCs, vehicles, first-aid kits, emergency kits, get-home bags, lots of places! They are so portable they can go anywhere you go!  Or is that you can 'go' anywhere they go? Hmmm.

“How do you poo in a sandwich bag?’ You ask.  Good question. The answer? You don’t. You actually use everything that is IN the bag; which includes, the bag, a pouch of powder (liquid solidifier, decay starter, odor eliminator), lots of toilet paper, a big wet wipe to clean your hands, and an odor proof zip lock-type mylar bag to put your business in. Yes all in that little bag.  And the awesome thing about this bag is it is VERY user friendly and hygienic! biffybag_gdb

Remember that little issue about not wanting to expose myself? Well the design of the Biffy Bag is created to cover your backside.  To demonstrate just how the bag works without punishing you with visuals you will never be able to get out of your mind – I’ll explain it this way. Think about what you do with your sweater or sweatshirt when you don’t want to wear it any longer. You tie it around your waist right? Well the Biffy Bag uses the same concept. You tie the bag straps around your waist. Then you reach back between your legs and pull the bag forward so it is in front of you. Viola! You have a potty hooked to you which allows you to naturally position yourself for “unloading” *giggle*.

Once the task is accomplished, you sprinkle the powder in the bag along with all your clean up items, tie the bag and put it in the attached foil zip-lock pouch.

Pooing has never been easier!

Biffy Bag - The Ultimate Prepper Potty!!!

Just sayin’

- Survivor Jane


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Website: www.biffybag.com
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