I consider myself an educator – well at least in the sense that I like to share what knowledge I’ve learned with others regarding preparedness topics (oh, and yeah good buys). But, not so much an actor.  In fact, the thought of me and YouTube in the same sentence – ah, no thank you.  At least not any time soon that is.

But I had a dilemma. I have received numerous requests from time to time by people who have emailed me asking how to do a particular preparedness task. 

Now, I’m a pretty visual person and learn better by seeing things.  And I’m sure a lot of you are like this. But I just didn’t want to “put myself out there” on YouTube.  So after a lot of thought – okay not a lot but some - my answer to this dilemma? Create a section on Survivor Jane website called PrepTorials - “How do I do that?” girl camera

These PrepTorials (how do I do that) will be a pictorial instructional on how to do many different preparedness tasks. No the pictures will not be studio quality and many may be a little shadowy (it could be a word, just sayin’), but my hope is that these pictorials will help you understand how something is done and the steps needed to do them so you too can learn to do them and show others as well, and as a bonus, you won’t have to leave the Survivor Jane site to go find out how to do something.  Heck, get some popcorn while reading and it could be like dinner theater (grin).

If you have a particular prepper/preparedness task you would like to see me discuss on how it is done, email me and if I don’t know, like I do with most things, I’ll find out and - hey we can learn together, right? If nothing more it will make for a good chuckle.

I’ll try to focus on practical hands-on topics such as food preservation, practical survival topics; like starting a fire and, yes even how to make some awesome grooming aids (smile).  No limits to knowledge!  "How Do I Do That?"

I’m excited about this new section and it is my hope, as with the Survivor Jane site itself that you will be left with practical information to help better prepare yourself and family, or share with friends and neighbors in order for us all to be prepared and increase our chance at disaster survival.

So watch for these new PrepTorials as I make and post them. 

I don’t anticipate any ‘Grammy’ type awards for any of these PrepTorials so ‘designer-dress’ shopping to walk the red carpet (or whatever the carpet color is for pictorial instructions) is not in the cards at this time. (grin).

Just Sayin’

- Survivor Jane


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