waterfrontImagine being able to "practice prepping" with the skills you've newly learned opposed to just "hearing" how to do them at a conference or seminar and then never having an opportunity to "use" the skills until ... well, after the poo-hits-the-fan, which unfortunately may be too late.

So many of us buy and emergency bag (bug-out bag) and then begin to cram it full of "prepper" items without giving a thought as to how they work; or if they even do work.  I remember watching Lee Stroud on one of his episodes pulling an item out that he had never used before and the item didn't work while he was in a survival situation.  Like I said, after the poo-hits-the-fan is not the time to be learning!

This is the premise behind Prepper Camp; it is a total immersion event in preparedness, survival, camping craft and homesteading skills. 

We have gathered some of the top preparedness speakers from around the country to share their knowledge and practical prepping skills: 

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** Check back for speaker updates

Prepper Camp is nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina off Interstate 26 (South of Ashville, NC - North of Greenville, SC - and West of Charlotte, NC) an easy commute from any direction.

And look at some of the awesome skill-sets that will taught!! >>


Back To The Basics


Blacksmith "On the Cheap"

Bug Out Bag (What should go in it)


Camp Cooking


Cheese Making


Disaster Preparedness Basics

Dutch Oven Cooking

Edible Plants

Educating Children After the Grid Goes Down

Emergency Medical Kits

Essential Oils (Using and Making)

Fire Arms for Bug Out Survival

Fire Arms Safety

Fire Starting


Grinding Grains and Making Nut Butters

Ham Radio

Herbal Remedies

Home Defense

Hygiene from From Food Storage

Survival Knot Tying

Krav Maga

Lifesaving (in the Water)

Navigation (Day and Night)

More classes, sessions and speakers are being added so please check in at www.preppercamp.com periodically to get more information and updates!


Vendors interested in participating in Prepper Camp are to contact >>  sj-sponsors@att.net (tag your email "PrepperCamp)

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